Youth Program

Many Houses of the Fangirls G.U.I.L.D. will host special activities for little geeks-in-training! These youth programs may include meetings, classes, service activities, events, summer camps and more, either in conjunction with or independent of the larger Fangirls G.U.I.L.D.

House of Boise

We are currently working on building up our youth program. We plan to start small with events such as hosting library readings and crafty workshops. In the future, we will have an entire division for our Underlings, allowing them to plan their own events, have their own meetings and parties, and run their own booths at conventions. A Geek Girls summer camp is also in the works, which would involve activities in both creative subjects, such as cosplay, as well as educational subjects, such as coding and STEM topics.

If you’re interested in volunteering with this program, message with Youth Program in the subject line!


For inquiries regarding the Fangirls G.U.I.L.D. policies and procedures, as well as guidance for Houses in starting their own youth programs, message the Master of Underlings: