Tina Freckleton | President


Elise Manicke | Vice President

Fandoms: Star Wars, Buffy, Wonder Woman, Tolkien, Harry Potter


Christina Adame | Secretary


Sheri Hansen | Treasurer


Millie Hilgert | Director


Tanglwyst de Holloway | Director


Ladies of the Round Table

Tosha Stein | GM

Fandoms: 1-5 favorite fandoms
Contact: Email gm@fangirlsguild.org if your first sentence would be “take me to your leader.”
Job: AKA President, AKA Overseer of All the Things, AKA Dammit, Tosha!


Courtney Adame | The Sam

Fandoms: Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Harry Potter, Studio Ghibli, The Phandom
Contact: Email thesam@fangirlsguild.org whenever the GM is too busy plotting world domination to heed your calls.
Job: The second in command


Renee Johnson | Archivist

Fandoms: Spyro the Dragon, Dungeons & Dragons, Wings of Fire, My Little Pony, Final Fantasy
Contact: Email archivist@fangirlsguild.org regarding meeting organization and file maintenance.
Job: Secretary


Jane Doe | The Dragon

Fandoms: 1-5 favorite fandoms
Contact: Email thedragon@fangirlsguild.org regarding management of the Guild’s hoard.
Job: Keeper of the treasury


Moira Hugues | The Architect

Fandoms: Final Fantasy, Voltron, TMNT, Teen Titans, Vocaloid
Contact: Email thearchitect@fangirlsguild.org regarding the website, email accounts, and social media campaigns.
Job: Social media and website hijinks


Gillian McFalls | The Summoner

Fandoms: 1-5 favorite fandoms
Contact: Email thesummoner@fangirlsguild.org about member and experience management.
Job: AKA Quest Log; manages achievements, experience, and membership


Dawn Shuldenfrei | Master of Underlings

Fandoms: LOTR, dragons of all sorts, Sailor Moon, CLAMP, The Dark is Rising
Contact: Email masterofunderlings@fangirlsguild.org regarding youth activities.
Job: Oversees activities for mini-Fangirls


Jane Doe | Keeper of Tomes

Fandoms: 1-5 favorite fandoms
Contact: Email keeperoftomes@fangirlsguild.org in regards to record-keeping.
Job: Ace photographer records events, activities, and other Guild happenings


Joanna Griswold | The Bard

Fandoms: 1-5 favorite fandoms
Contact: Email thebard@fangirlsguild.org about outreach and public relations.
Job: Token extrovert shouting from the rooftops, AKA the PR rep


Callia Sampaio | The Illusionist

Fandoms: horror, video games, Harry Potter, books, Writing
Contact: Email theillusionist@fangirlsguild.org regarding prop, set, costume, etc. creation for events.
Job: Planning to build box forts, then waiting patiently for the boxes to be provided as promised


Raven Masiewicz | Mischief Manager

Fandoms: 1-5 favorite fandoms
Contact: Email mischiefmanager@fangirlsguild.org regarding events the Guild is hosting or participating in.
Job: AKA Doer of the Things, sets up Fangirls G.U.I.L.D. events


Jane Doe | The Seeker

Fandoms: 1-5 favorite fandoms
Contact: Email theseeker@fangirlsguild.org for questions regarding sponsorship and fundraising.
Job: Grows the Dragon’s hoard by raising funds through sponsorships and events


Jane Doe | Wizard of Perception

Fandoms: 1-5 favorite fandoms
Contact: Email wizardofperception@fangirlsguild.org for questions regarding this year’s marketing campaign.
Job: Creator of the Guild’s current A E S T H E T I C


Special Guests

Tanglwyst de Holloway

Bio: brief credentials/links/whatever you want to put here
Contact: Send your cosplay/convention related questions to asktangl@fangirlsguild.org, then check back for an answer in Tangl’s column!