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Fangirls G.U.I.L.D.

Geeks. Unity. Involvement. Leveling. Diversity.


Fangirls G.U.I.L.D. is an organization designed to support females in the fandom community by providing a fun and safe environment for members to freely express themselves without fear of judgement or condemnation while supporting members, youth, community and local businesses.


  • Individuals who belong to any fandom. Gaming, cosplay, comic book, movie, television, anime, or pretty much anything else that you geek out about.
  • Individuals who wish to find a secure and accepting environment with friends who have common interests.
  • Individuals who hope to better themselves, their communities and future geek generations through action and outreach.
  • Individuals who aspire to be a part of a team that participates in fun and exciting new experiences.


Fangirls G.U.I.L.D. is an activity-based organization, meaning that members participate in all types of events at their own pace, contributing when and how they feel comfortable. The Fangirls G.U.I.L.D. accomplishes our mission and vision through smaller events, such as game nights and workshops, as well as large community events, such as comic conventions and volunteer work.


Fangirls G.U.I.L.D. seeks to help members live a happier and more fulfilling life by bringing together like-minded individuals. Members will create meaningful bonds and strengthen their society while taking part in new and exciting experiences and gaining confidence, individuality and leadership skills.


We help fangirls come together both online and in person, with our Main Base in Nampa ID, and more Houses coming in the future. If you are interested in opening a House in your area, please contact us!

Member Benefits

New members will receive a member tote bag to carry all their supplies including their member manual. As members participate in activities, they earn experience points allowing them to level up in the Guild. Members also have the opportunity to earn real life Achievements when accomplishing set goals. These achievements are acknowledged with a button that members can place on their bag to display their success, involvement and dedication.



Our mission is to nurture lifetime relationships, grow geek-centric businesses and encourage one another in our individual goals. This will be accomplished through teaching adult and youth members leadership and lifetime skills while participating in outreach, community service and events. Fangirls G.U.I.L.D. aspires to create a safe haven where members can feel accepted and explore the geek community without fear of being disqualified due to being or identifying as a female. We will provide a consistent support system for members of all ages as well as deliver new and exciting opportunities and training that members may not otherwise have a chance to participate in.



A world where every geek recognizes their unique intrinsic value and is dedicated to contributing to the bettering of all facets of life.



We will Always:

  • Be authentic and genuine in our fangirling enthusiasm about the geek culture. – Fangirls Guild
  • Be compassionate and accepting of all individuals regardless of their beliefs, backgrounds and fandoms. – Fangirls Guild
  • Be creative and curious in our endeavors while exploring the rabbit hole in the upside-down that is our weird world. – Alice in Wonderland & Stranger Things
  • Be good contributing members to our societies while solemnly swearing that we are up to no good. – George Weasley
  • Know that with great power comes great responsibility. – Spiderman
  • Be fair and honest while paving the way to world domination. – Fangirls Guild
  • Be achievement hunters leveling up through leadership and meaningful work. – Fangirls Guild
  • Strive to keep our alignment neutral good. – D&D
  • Know that they sky is the limit and that you can’t take the sky from me. – Captain Picard and Firefly
  • Understand that time is a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff and we will do the best that we can with it. – The Tenth Doctor
  • Always say thank you for the fish. – The Dolphins
  • Believe that until such time as the world ends, we will act as though it intends to spin on. – Nick Fury
  • Be the optimists, the hopers of far-flung hopes and the dreamers of improbable dreams. – The Eleventh Doctor
  • Strive to understand that every person has a Worst. Episode. Ever. but we won’t judge. – The Internets
  • Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try. – Yoda
  • Know what you can’t accomplish alone, becomes doable when you’re with someone else. – Taichi Yaegashi
  • Know winter is coming. – The Starks
  • Understand that being a geek is never having to play it cool about how much you like something. – Simon Pegg
  • Understand that it is acceptable to be emotionally attached to fictional characters. – Fangirls Guild
  • Know there is no difference between geek and nerd because we all love something. – Fangirls Guild
  • Know hope is the only thing stronger than fear. – The Mockingjay
  • Make love, not war. Unless you’re Loki, in which case: do what you want. – Tom Hiddleston
  • Know we will survive by pulling together, not apart. – Rick Grimes
  • BELIEVE IT! – Naruto


Long Term Goals

Scholarships for geek girls
Sponsorships for professional women gamers
Become nationally recognized with chapters in all states